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Resources for Photographers

March 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

In conjunction with the Photographers Business Boot Camp this Friday, March 4, at Washtenaw College, I am posting a few links to other resources. Many of these were mentioned in the all-day seminar; others are lucky-strike extras. Please feel free to leave comments about other software or articles that you've found useful.

Here is a link to the full presentation. (TimeManagement.pdf 5.1Mb)

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Imaging Software

Adobe (Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator…)     


OnOne Software


Nik / Google



Business Tools

FileMaker Pro






Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

FotoBiz X



Google Calendar

Google Drive

Writing Tools


iA Writer

Pages (Apple)

Web site development

ZenFolio Use referral code 9BP-ZYX-ECM for a 10% discount


GraphPaperPress (WordPress Templates)

ThemeZilla (WordPress Templates)

PhotoCrati (Photographer specific WordPress Templates)​

Articles for a Deeper Dive

David Allen “Getting Things Done”

The Pareto Principle

14 Time Management Tips (All Creativelike)

Creating a Business Strategy

How to Write a Business Plan

The Big Lie of Strategic Planning

Fine Art Resources


Juried Art Services

Entry Thingy

Art Show Photographers Facebook Group

Art Fair Calendar

Art Fair Insiders

Art Show Photo website

Larry Berman’s website

parkerparker blog


Winter in the Black Hills

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I love coming to South Dakota in the winter. Besides being quiet and peaceful, the light is amazing. Recently, I had the chance to shoot up at Sylvan Lake, at the old Meeker Ranch near Custer, and at Bear Butte. The light was soft and cool, and the snow on the ground sparkled.

Sylvan LakeThe lake is completely frozen over in January, allowing one to walk out in the middle. This photograph is one of my favorite vantage points, near the shore at one end of the lake.

Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park

In the Shadow of the BearIn the Shadow of the BearBear Butte, Sturgis SD

In the Shadow of Bear Butte


The Meeker Ranch, Custer SD

Meeker Ranch BarnMeeker Ranch BarnThanks to Jon Crane for the tip

Barn at the Meeker Ranch

Tiny House on a HillTiny House on a HillMeeker Ranch, Custer SD


Spaghetti WesternSpaghetti WesternMeeker Ranch, Custer SD

Spaghetti Western

CollectionCollectionMeeker Ranch, Custer SD



In Search of St. Barbara

August 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In Dr. Watson Parker's book "Black Hills Ghost Towns", this image of an un-named church appeared. Sitting on the edge of a Badlands chasm, I thought I'd located it last year when I photographed St. Joseph's Mission, on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Mom and I went back this spring to see if the angles from the old shot matched. They don't. We then spent a couple of lovely hours driving around the Badlands, detoured by a road closure on the two-lane between Scenic and the White River Ranger station. We drove miles out of our way, over Red Shirt Table all the way to Kyle and back to Rapid City.

We went back a few days later, and tried to access another possible mission that I've only found on the 7.5 minute USGS quads. Five miles down a single track farm road on top of Bouquet Table, we were turned back again by high water over Cain Creek. This year has been especially wet in Western South Dakota. Lots of hail, thunderstorms, rain. The resulting muck in the Badlands clay is not a pretty sight when you're stuck in it, so we turned around. On the way back, the clouds broke, and I got this wonderful shot looking northward toward the Badlands.

The Long Road HomeThe Long Road HomeBouquet Table Road, Badlands NP, SD

We did have a lovely outing in the Badlands. I got my Senior Interagency Access Pass for all the National Parks -- an amazing value for $10, BTW! You can get 'em at any National Park entrance station, or by mail order for an extra $10. And we spoke to a ranger at the visitor center, who confirmed my guess that St. Barbara's is likely the church in the 1958 photograph. Google satellite imagery is unclear as to whether the church is still standing. It appears as if it may have burned down. 

I'm going to give it another shot this August, and see if I can find the church from the south, unless the river crossings have dried up. (Not likely). It will be a good adventure, nonetheless.


Free Shipping Ended

August 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Free shipping on small and medium prints has ended as of August 5, 2015. Thanks to everyone who ordered prints and took advantage of the offer! 


April 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

In between shows, I spent several days in the Vicksburg, Mississippi area. My main objective was to revisit the town of Rodney, once a booming town south of Vicksburg. The town has a long history before the Civil War, but now only a few residents remain. While I was there, wandering the dusty streets, the sound of someone mowing a lawn drifted through the town. Two churches remain: the Baptist church, which is deserted, and the Presbyterian church, which is in much better condition. I'll post a few more images next week, but this shot from the Baptist church speaks to my soul.

In the Presence of the LordIn the Presence of the LordRodney, Mississippi -- The Baptist church, established in 1870, abandoned now. The pews are stacked along the wall, and the rain weeps through the windows.

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